How to start believing in yourself and overcome self-doubt

We all suffer and struggle with self-doubt and stop believing in ourselves when we want to do something different. Not only at the start of our business journey, but when we try and grow our business, the self-doubt creeps back in.
How to start believing in yourself and overcome self-doubt

Believing in yourself to start something new takes courage.

It’s one thing to have a dream of starting a new business, but it’s something else to have the belief in yourself and courage to turn that dream into a successful and profitable business that you love.

But not doing it, procrastinating and putting it off because you don’t believe in yourself is so draining.

Whenever you develop a new idea or have a new dream to grow your business, that lack of self-belief creeps back in and gets in the way!

The truth is that we all experience self-doubt when we have an idea to try something new or to make changes. And it’s not only something we struggle with at the beginning of the journey. It will be something that will be with us throughout.

As entrepreneurs, we need to become masters of overcoming self-doubt and start believing in yourself, even when it feels like there’s no way forward.

Our thoughts and emotions shape our world.

Have you ever been in a situation that slowly got worse? If so, you know how easy it is to put up with it. It seems natural to sink into a feeling of despair and hopelessness. You stop noticing your thoughts and feelings are gradually becoming more negative with each passing day.

Where you once found joy in the small things, you suddenly realise your life is joyless. You used to be able to brush off an unkind comment, and now you dwell on and internalise it until they are completely blown out of proportion.

This can be very detrimental to your view of the world and your ability to move forward and you stop believing in yourself.

This isn’t how you used to think. This is how you start to think when your subconscious mind is constantly beating yourself up. This is your inner critic.

Your inner critic is telling you :

  • That you can’t achieve success because…
  • Or you can’t do something because …
  • Or nobody likes you because…

The more your inner critic is telling you this, the more you start believing it. This results in you viewing the rest of your world in a negative light.

But everyone is afraid of being judged or has imposter syndrome at some point. It’s vulnerable to put yourself out there and start believing in yourself.

Whether you are ready to accept it or not, your dominant thoughts, beliefs and emotions give your life its positive or negative experiences. They determine what you can and cannot achieve.

It’s not until you learn to control your inner critic that you will create the ability to dispel any self-doubt and achieve anything you want.

The surprising thing is that as soon as you make a positive decision to silence your inner critic and start believing in yourself, it’s amazing how quickly your whole life can change.

You are what you believe.

Have you ever considered how much you hold yourself back?

It takes courage and responsibility to admit you are your own worst enemy when achieving your dreams. You self sabotage your chance to success by putting blocks in the way. This is because what you believe is possible dictates what you can and cannot achieve.

If, deep down, you believe you are not good enough, or not clever enough or not capable enough, then these beliefs will prevent you from achieving anything substantial in your life.

The only control you have in your life are the thoughts that you have. So if you want to change something in your life, having control of your thoughts will enable you to reach your dreams.

You determine how successful you can be.

Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs determine the actions that you take at every step in your life.

Only you can determine your success, and only you can get in your own way to prevent it.

Belief in yourself is important.

Believe you can and you are halfway there – Theodore Roosevelt

The way we think and feel determines the decisions we make.

The decisions we make determine the action we take.

The action we take determines what we achieve in our lives.

Therefore, what you think and believe has direct results on how quickly and easily you can achieve your dreams.

When you realise you can control how you feel, it creates awareness, navigating you back on track quicker.

As a solopreneur, the number 1 thing we need to do is to work on ourselves.

We CAN create so much more success with the opportunities ahead of us to build the most incredible business.

We CAN live a life doing what we love and earn an incredible living from it. It’s possible for every one of us if we learn how to control our inner critic and believe in ourselves.

Take a look at the steps below to try and control your thoughts and inner critic and manifest positive feelings into your life.

5 Steps to start believing in yourself and overcome self-doubt

1. Create awareness around how you are feeling.

Be clear about what is your biggest fear, doubt or worry that is holding you back. Keep asking yourself, “but why am I feeling like this?” until you get to the real root of your blocker.

When you fully understand where your self-doubt is coming from, you can start doing something about it.

2.Surround yourself with as much inspiring and empowering thoughts and beliefs that you can.

Create an empowering mantra that is the complete opposite of the fears you identified in step 1.

This wires your brain to achieve success. Really challenge your inner critic to change its narrative. Immerse yourself in things that make you feel good and believe in yourself.

You will soon reach a turning point where positive thoughts will take over.

3. Visualise what your future self would say to encourage you to do right now about your dreams and ideas.

Listen to what your future self would say and their wisdom; they are the only ones that truly know what is best for you.

4. Stop worrying about all the little stuff.

Stop being scared of making mistakes. Focus on the bigger picture of your life, and the small stuff will take care of itself.

Remember, you are not reading this by accident; you are reading this because you need to right now.

We are here for such a short period of time in the grand scheme of things. This means we need to make the most of it and do what is right for us, however difficult. We need to have the courage to make the most of the opportunities that are right in front of us and not allow fear to dictate our decisions.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and get in our own way and prevent ourselves from making the most out of life. We need to stop this and become our own best friend and do whatever we can to do the best we can.

If we keep resisting, we have more to lose than trying and failing.

5. Make a promise to yourself to show up, be your best self and have the courage to go for it.

Really feel it.

You know this is the only way forward for you, and you will make it happen.

Really feel it happening to you. Make your dreams become your reality.

Connect with your ideas and dreams and feel them becoming your reality.

Repeat this multiple times a day and really become your dream self.

Believe in yourself and just go for it!

What were your biggest objections/fears/doubts around starting your business and actually making money doing what you love?

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