How to create the perfect customer profile

Learn how to identify your business niche so you market to them online with confidence and make more money from your craft business.
Create the perfect customer profile

In the following 5 blog posts, I am going to go through the 5 steps you need to follow to make products that sell like crazy on Etsy.
The five steps are:

  1. Create a customer profile to understand why your customer will want to buy your product
  2. Use your customer profile to create a product press briefing BEFORE you create your product.
  3. Take photos that are better than your competition.
  4. Find keywords that are relevant to both your product and customer.
  5. Write a description that uses your customer profile to sell to their emotional reason for buying.

Step 1. Create a customer psychographic profile to understand why your customer will want to be buying your product

The way to get really devoted customers is to sell to people who really WANT your product.

Obvious right!

But finding the perfect customer in the first place is the key.

Let’s be clear, what works for others, and more specifically your competitors, does not necessarily have to be the same for you. There may be some cross over, but one of the things that make your business unique may also be the reason why you can attract different customers.

So don’t think you have to replicate what everyone else is doing, create your own audience.

Your perfect customer is unique to you and your business, and you must do everything within your shop to target your perfect customer. Getting SUPER clear on who your target audience is will really help your business grow.

You can’t be everything to everyone, so don’t even try to be. Focussing on a narrow market makes it easier to gain traction. Having a highly targeted customer or niche means you can speak their language and create meaningful content aimed at them. This builds trust and credibility.

So take this opportunity to define your Perfect Customer.

I have created a template for you to identify what makes your perfect customer unique to you. You can grab it here .

How to fill in the perfect customer profile template

First, think about who your perfect customer represents.

You don’t have to have just one type of customer, you could have several. If you have more than one customer type, you will need to ensure you remain consistent across all your copywriting, so some commonality between them is preferable.

Give this Perfect Customer a name.

I like to give them an actual name and find a picture of someone that looks like the type of person I imagine. This helps you to start to imagine them and talk to their language.

Next, think about the social demographics that might be relevant to your customer. This includes things like:

  • age,
  • location,
  • sex,
  • marital status,
  • job,
  • family role

Use whatever information is relevant that helps you to identify who could be buying your products.

Identify their needs, desires, fears and frustrations.

The next thing to think about is their needs and desires, i.e. the reasons they would want to buy your product.

List everything you can think of that might help you sell on Etsy. Delve into the emotions they might want to feel by buying your product. Don’t just think about what they are buying, think about why they are buying.

For example, they may be looking for a face cream, but what they are trying to do is make their skin look softer, younger and more glowing. It is the latter that is the emotional element that is going to push them from needing a face cream to wanting it.

Next focus on their fears and frustrations. The things that are stopping them from buying your product right now.

Think of anything that might cause a bump in the purchase process. Then think of what you can say, do or offer to smooth over the bump.

You are trying to remove any obstacles that might stop the customer from buying your product so you can successfully sell on Etsy.

Find your perfect customer.

Once you know what your perfect customer wants and what is stopping them from buying, try and identify where they hang out.

This can be where they hang out online or not, but it should be places that you can also hangout. This way, you can start communicating with them and talking their language. So it could be places like Facebook groups, specific magazines, etc.

Finally, detail what you can offer them to meets their needs. This is your unique selling proposition that makes you a step ahead of the competition.
Document all this information in your perfect customer template.

Print out the template and pin it somewhere you can see it whenever you are communicating with your customers.

This will guide you on how to talk and write all the communications that you have with your customers. It will help you imagine how you would speak to them and keep this in mind whenever you are creating content.

If you are ready for the next step, go to “create products that sell“.

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