Create products that sell on Etsy with brilliant descriptions

Everything you do should be targeted at your perfect customer, this includes writing your copy to resonate with them.
Create products that sell on Etsy with brilliant descriptions

In this series of 5 blog posts, I am going to go through the five steps you need to follow to make products that sell like crazy on Etsy.

The five steps are:

  1. Create a customer psychographic profile to understand why your customer will want to buy your product
  2. Use your customer profile to create a product press briefing BEFORE you create your product.
  3. Take photos that are better than your competition.
  4. Find keywords that are relevant to both your product and customer.
  5. Write a description that uses your customer profile to sell to their emotional reason for buying.

This is the 5th and final Step in the series.

If you have followed all of the steps so far you will be really boosting your ability to sell on Etsy.

You have the show-stopping photos. The brilliant product briefing and a perfect customer profile. You have even worked out what words your customer will be using to search for your product. So now it’s time to give them the final nudge with a fabulous product description.

Write a description that uses your customer profile to sell to their emotional reason for buying.

If you’ve followed all the previous steps in this series, then the keywords in your titles and tags will place you in the Etsy search results, which obviously better enables you to sell on Etsy.

You will also have search stopping photos to grab your perfect customer’s attention. This will result in them clicking on your product.

Now what?

Now you have to turn your attention to your product description. You need to help your customer by understanding what kind of things will help them buy emotionally.

Remember, your product is aimed at your perfect customer. Everything you do should be targeted at them, this includes writing your copy to resonate with them.

What’s in a title?

From a seller point of view, the title MUST include your target keywords, look here for an explanation of what this is. But from a customer perspective, it should be readable, useful and relevant.

Use all the characters available. Keeping the title short (unless you are NOT relying on SEO to get you views), does not help you in search rankings.

In Etsy, you have 140 characters to play with, don’t waste what limited space you have.

Top tip: Even though your title should include your target keywords, it is customer-facing, therefore make sure it is still meaningful and useful to them.

Why is copywriting so important

Copywriting is the term used to describe the text you use to speak to your customer. This text could be anywhere, such as website, social media, product descriptions. It should be aimed at your perfect customer to make them think they need whatever it is you are selling.

The aim is to move the customer from WANTING your product to NEEDING it.

This may seem manipulative, but if you do it openly and authentically, you are actually helping your customer. You are showing your customer how your product will help solve their current problem. That is no bad thing. As long as it does what you say it does!

When writing your product description, you need to remember that your customers have an emotional reason for buying, not just because they need it.

In your copy, tell them about what the product will do for them and how they will feel. It is this emotional reason that will make them WANT the product, which is a step up from just needing it.

For instance, I might be looking for a home fragrance to get rid of the dog smell in my house (not saying my house smells of dogs, or at least I hope it doesn’t!!). The primary job the product needs to do is remove smells. Emotionally I might also want it to smell of a sea breeze drifting through an open window. Which reminds me of the open air, warm sun on my body, while I relax on a beach sipping a cocktail. My imagination is really going here!

As a seller, you need to paint a picture that the customer can see themselves in. A picture that relates to what emotionally resonates with them.

You need to make your product description appealing and enticing. It needs to seem like it solves all their problems.

Keep it customer focussed and keep it targeted toward the job it is going to do for them.

Writing Product Descriptions that nudge customers.

In Etsy, the Description is not so crucial for SEO. This is because Etsy doesn’t use the Description as part of its algorithm. But, from a customer perspective, the Description is the last place you have to push the customer over the line to buy your product.

Several psychological factors come in to play that appeals to customers when deciding what they want to buy.

These factors are:

  • Engagement – The intention here is to make someone think about themselves with your item. Make them believe they already have it, which makes them want it more. Paint a picture of what it will do for them, how they will feel.
  • Social proof – The intention here is to give someone confidence in your product because other people like it too. Mention terms such as best selling, most popular, crowd-pleaser, etc.
  • Scarcity – This option is to make the customer feel that they might lose out if they don’t get it now. Mention limited editions, limited supply, one of a kind, etc.
  • Familiarity – People tend to believe people if they refer to things they know about. Compare the item to familiar situations. Use terminology that your target market uses. Understand the struggle, need, etc.
  • Authority – Give the customer a feeling that you know what you are talking about or other people confirm that the product is good is a great tool to encourage them. Use reviews, expert credentials, etc.

You don’t need to include all of these factors your product descriptions but make sure you use some to nudge your customer to buy so that you can sell on Etsy like an expert.

If you have created your products using the Product Press Briefing, then you already have many of the answers you need to complete your Description.

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