Hi, I'm Nicola

I’m an experienced entrepreneur, who has started several solo businesses in the last 15 years, some of which gave me a 6 figure income!

Now I am passionate about helping others achieve their business goals.

I created this business because I was sick of feeling confused about my business numbers and was desperate to try and understand why my business was underperforming. For years, I struggled to understand my business finances, Etsy statistics and all of the information I could get from Google Analytics and make smart decisions based on this data.

I became obsessed with trying to find the right resources and small business tools to help me make sense of it all.

Finally, I realised that there was a need for someone or something to help explain all of this; something that would help business owners understand their numbers and make better decisions.

I’m excited to help you grow your business and achieve your dreams!

What’s my story?

I have spent the last 30 years in software development, working for big corporate, blue-chip companies and small startups, implementing workflow software to improve their operational processes.

Working with smaller companies was always much more fun and rewarding. It felt like I was making a difference rather than just being another cog in the wheel.

So instead of soulless organisations, I want to help small business owners. The people who haven’t got the big budget to spend on a flashy tools or don’t have the time to waste on endless meetings, but who still desire to be successful.

What magic does The Web Pixie bring to the party?

I understand the challenges and obstacles that can stand in the way of success, and am here to help you overcome them.

I offer practical, actionable advice that is easy to understand and implement. I’ll help you make sense of your numbers so you can make smart, informed decisions about your business.

Thank you!

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